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Playing Around #1

January 15, 2009

This week’s randomly-chosen topic is casual gaming. One website I like to visit when I have the time is Jay is Games. I seem to have a weakness for escape-the-room games, you see, and JIG never fails to provide a fix for me. Of course, the catch is that I’m not exactly brilliant at this type of game and I frequently find myself asking for clues, hints, and walk-throughs when I get stuck. Mind you, some games are easier or harder than others, so it makes me happy when I’m able to get pretty far on my own. What does bother me, though, is walk-throughs that follow TOO straight of a line to the end. They don’t leave room for appreciating the scenery and sometimes even have you entering codes that you haven’t had a chance to discover yet. What’s the point in that?

So when I managed to get through an escape game without a whole lot of guidance, I thought I’d mark the occasion by writing my own walk-through. Or rather, a hint-through. I wrote this in such a way to allow the player to be able to explore the game more or less thoroughly, yet still efficiently. And rather than say explicitly what to do at every turn, I more often drop big ol’ honkin’ hints. I don’t think walk-throughs ought to be utterly at the expense of all thought. The game in question here is Monster Basement 2, and although it’s a sequel, it stands very well on its own, so it doesn’t matter too much if you haven’t yet played Monster Basement.

Let the game begin!


  1. It starts in the usual way. Click to get through the intro text and find yourself at the starting point.
  2. Hm. Ostensibly a room escape game, yet the front door is banging in the breeze. Certainly an invitation to step outside and investigate!
  3. Well, now we’re facing the entrance to the house, and what’s that turning tantalizingly above us? We must investigate!
  4. A ghostly figure peers out from the window. A bit of rope sticks to the blade of the windmill. An obvious invitation to retrieve the object.
  5. Back down we go and to the left. The grabby hand wants to pluck the pink pot, and who are we to argue with big honkin’ hints provided by the game developer?
  6. Typically, pots are for putting things in, so let’s see what the pot’s got. A-ha! A key for the toolbox. Now where’s the toolbox?
  7. A locked door needs unlocking. We’ll find the right key eventually.
  8. An outhouse. Hm. Not much doin’ now, but will probably figure in the plot somehow or other later.
  9. Back and all the way to the right. Hey, what’s that in the tree? Ooh, a diary!
  10. The birdhouse/mailbox thingy is interactive. Must mean it’ll be useful later.
  11. Well, the outside’s been exhausted for now. Let’s go back inside.
  12. Hey, there’s something on the side of the entertainment center. Probably contains useful information. Ah, the Handyman again. We’ll have to call him at some point.
  13. And what’s going on ahead? We start toward the kitchen, but get interrupted by an apparition, apparently. “Don’t go in there”? Ah, well. Onto the kitchen go we.
  14. A butcher’s job is thirsty work! But how do we distract him long enough to get the items we need to get? Obviously, some more exploring is in order.
  15. Hey, what’s that on the chair? Oh, Handyman! Drat, no bars. We’ll have to keep checking it until we can pick up a signal.
  16. Right is a good direction. Let’s go right. Wow, it’s the place we escaped from in the first game! And now the objective of our quest has been revealed: We need a wrench and a key. One would assume a specific key, naturally.
  17. Back to our starting spot, which now makes sense. Good continuity, Godlimations! Anyhow, now we have an entertainment center staring us once more in the face. It’s about time we checked it out, hm?
  18. Wow, there’s a DVD in the DVD player. Who’da thunk it? Wonder what we need it for, though.
  19. The entertainment center is not sitting flush against the wall, so of course this means there must be something to be found ‘twixt the two. And behold!
  20. There’s one more door to pass through, so let’s check it out.
  21. How lucky, we just picked up some matches for these candles.
  22. Did you notice the extra shadow cast by one of the candles? This can only mean one thing.

  23. We knock on the door, but with no effect. Wait, didn’t we read something about that before? Let’s refresh our memory.
  24. Nothing more to be done here for now, so let’s return to the task of distracting the butcher. We should have the right tools for the task now.
  25. Hint: We need to make him GO, coughcough.
  26. Nasty noises indicate our success, but we obviously don’t want to be seen. We leave the kitchen to allow him easy passage out, and watch the cutscene, which deposits us in our hiding spot. Now we can return to the kitchen and get everything we can get from there.
  27. Salt. And hey, music! And we know just how this comes in handy now, too! Let’s go.
  28. Okay, this is simple in theory, but tricky in practice. It may take a number of goes before you get the rhythm just right. Click the eyeball under the treble clef, then position the cursor over the door at the top of the stairs so that it’s a magnifying glass. Now click in time to highlight the notes as the line goes down the staff. But don’t worry: You’ll only have to go through all this just the once. The door will continue to remain accessible afterward. The trick is to click JUST before the line hits the note.
  29. A room with a bed and a computer. Of course we’re interested in the computer. Eh? Another apparent apparition. “Help me!” Well, to the computer we go.
  30. Another DVD. This must be the one we need, because it’s ominous and because the other one’s gone missing.
  31. Around and around and around we go, and where we — Hey, another room!
  32. A bathroom. And a towel. I think it’s an unwritten rule that games with curtains or towels cause your character to develop OCD. So go on, play with that towel. You know you want to.
  33. And our efforts are rewarded! We have a feeling we know what this key opens, too.
  34. Hey, let’s check the phone again. Bars! Now we can call the Handyman!
  35. “Pay me.” Means we need to find something of value to leave for him. Well, let’s go!
  36. The flapping door beckons us outside once more. Morbid curiosity leads us leftward.
  37. Oh, poor thing. Do we have anything in our inventory that’s good against her problem?
  38. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake!
  39. Let’s see now: Locked door, key … Yep!
  40. There’s the toolbox! We must need something from it, or we wouldn’t have been looking for it. And we’re done in here.
  41. Whoa! It’s the axed creature from the first game! Don’t panic, it’s just a cut scene. Hey, the loo’s unoccupied and stinky now.
  42. Well, none of the shovels from the storeroom were clickable, so there must be another way to retrieve what needs to be retrieved. Well, let’s see: The eyedopple’s bones are metal, and the butcher seems to have dropped off some “precious” kids. Didn’t we just get something out of the toolbox?
  43. Now that we’ve attended to that nasty bit of business, let’s check out what happened in the cut scene. Rightward, ho!
  44. There’s a tunnel under the tree now where the creature was ripped apart. Not much to do but follow where it leads.
  45. One of these grates is not like the others… Okay. Ball plus distance equals how do we extend the reach of a grabby thing we just used for a similar task?
  46. Now that we’ve got it, we can go. Dunno about you, but I’d rather not carry around that dirty object much longer. I’d feel much better if we could wash it off somewhere.
  47. As we enter the house, we see the butcher’s back in the kitchen. We’ll just have to make use of the other sink.
  48. Oh, hello again. “Give it back,” she says. Happy to oblige. Surely we have something of hers that we don’t need anymore?
  49. Something slightly personal?
  50. And she left something behind for us! Something that seems to go with another item we just obtained. Ah, so that’s how it works.
  51. But on to our task at hand: Cleaning the filthy remains. Ooh, hey. Valuable, hunh? Wonder if it’s worth anything in trade.
  52. And back down we go. Now, where can we leave something of value for the Handyman?
  53. Out by the tree, maybe?
  54. Handyman won’t come until he knows his payment is ready. Back to where we can get a signal. “Okay.” Well, that’s encouraging. So back down we go and, hey, why don’t we see what’s on the new DVD we got, as long as we’re here?
  55. Brr! Scary! And what was that noise? What’s behind us?
  56. Was that real or an apparition? We’re back at the TV again. Let’s review the DVD!
  57. The eyedopple was standing right where we are now when the chainsaw guy stepped out of the poster. If only we could freeze time to avoid repeating that grisly fate. Oh, wait! We can!
  58. Time can’t stay still forever, so let’s take his chainsaw from him and use it against him.
  59. He’s dead now, and the grabby hand says we can get something else from him.
  60. Unmasked! That’s rather pointless. Perhaps…? Yep! This could be the very key we need. Now let’s see what the Handyman left for us.
  61. A wrench! Just the thing we’ve been needing to escape! Well, we know where to go from here!
  62. Back downstairs with the tools to get us to freedom!


Hope you enjoyed playing!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Jaelyn permalink
    January 16, 2009 1:24 pm

    You so need to play Portal! Somebody did an online Flash version, and I guess that’ll have to do until you get an Xbox 360! :p (I know, yeah, right!) At one time it was at the link, but I haven’t checked lately.

  2. Victorian Rose permalink*
    January 20, 2009 7:53 pm


    I’m not sure I can play Portal. I once got sick watching someone else play. Although it may be different if I’m the one controlling it.

    EDIT: Ah, this version is not the first-person I was thinking it would be. Hard to get dizzy with a third-person platformer! (2:34pm 1/22/09)

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