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Merry Christmas, Everybody!

December 25, 2008

This is going to be very brief this week because I am moving. But I thought I’d share some lessons I’m learning during the course of this little adventure.

  • Moving in the middle of winter is something I absolutely do not recommend. Snow, slush, and (worst of all) ice are forces to be reckoned with and will slow your progress considerably.
  • Interlocking crates are your friends. So are lidded plastic totes. Not only are they good for lugging things from old place to new, but they can be re-purposed as storage and organizational aids once you’re done.
  • Three-seater hide-a-bed couches weigh two metric tons. If you can’t recruit a big, strong friend to help you lug it, you might be forced to donate it to the Salvation Army just so that they can remove it for you. On the other hand, they also sell couches that are smaller, lighter, and cheap. It might be worth the money.
  • Packing always takes longer than you think it will.
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